BeneFab Smart Poll Pad

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    • Our Smart Poll Pad is made up of ceramic-infused fabric that incorporates two medical-grade neodymium magnets over key acupressure points. It offers padding and protection for the poll, brow, or jaw, along with holistic benefits of ceramic and magnetic combination therapy. It’s designed for longevity and effectiveness, without sacrificing style. **PERFECT introductory product for new users** Available in Black, Electric Blue, Bubblegum Pink, and Royal Purple. Benefits: • Helps keep muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments supple and relaxed • Targeted therapy by drawing blood to key central points • Stimulates recovery time • Promotes blood circulation and increases oxygen flow • Reduces pain and stiffness • Promotes relaxation • Loosens poll and corrects alignment for better collection • Easy to care for Features: • Versatile functionality – can be put over the brow, under the chin, on the halter, or on the bridle • Magnets enclosed in a soft cushion for comfort • Velcro straps for quick, easy movement • Machine washable • Colorful choices to match your personality Can be worn during exercise or while stabling – for up to 12 hours. Increased mobility and less pain in three weeks – it’s our customer promise.