Benefab SMARThock Boot

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  • Ergonomic design and sizing options ensure a comfortable, individualized fit for each horse.
  • Combination of ceramic and magnetic therapy provides soothing warmth to relax soft tissues, reduce swelling and improve flexibility.
  • Breathable, neoprene fabric is designed to wick moisture away and offers antimicrobial action.
  • Machine washable for easy maintenance.
  • Sold in pairs.
 Get the best of both worlds with the BeneFab by Sore No-More Smart Hock Boots!  These boots combine ceramic and magnetic therapy into a single product to provide your horse with maximum relief.  Specially designed to benefit performance horses, those recovering from injury or surgery, horses with a history of arthritis or hock pain and aging horses.  The FAR-infrared, ceramic technology embedded in the fabric provides soothing relief by increasing circulation, loosening stiff muscles and reducing inflammation.  14 strategically placed magnets target acupuncture points for enhanced therapeutic effect.
The ergonomic design and Velcro closures ensure a correct and comfortable fit on a variety of horses.  Easy care, neoprene features antimicrobial fabric and promotes breathability and wicking technology.  These hock boots are machine washable, too!  Pair the BeneFab by Sore No-More Smart Hock Boots with your favorite Sore No-More liniment or gelotion for a dual-action therapy that will have your horse feeling their best…fast!